Wild Rabbit

Last Tuesday I tried to photograph some wild rabbits with my Sigma 70-300.
300mm ? Wild rabbits ? What a mistake to make :-) I guess you need a 600mm or something to shoot those animals. Every time I came close to get something more than a dot on the sensor, they all ran away, as fast as possible. Sure, I got some photos, but the rabbits are too small, or not sharp at all (motion blur etc…) Except for this one. But believe me, it needed some serious photoshopping !

This was the original image : click
What photoshop did for me :

  • Layer with background copy and High pass filter (1.4 px) in overlay mode
  • Adjustment layer with levels
  • Adjustment layer with brightness/contrast
  • Adjustment layer with hue/saturation on the grass (with layer mask)

And this is the result. I didn’t sharpen the image with USM or Smart Sharpen because any of them gave satisfying result. The high pass filter worked best of all.

Not that bad for such a small crop, isn’t it ?