Dark clouds

First of all, thanks for all comments on the previous images ! I haven’t been visiting photoblogs for more than a week now, but there is a very good reason for that : we were on an internet-less holiday ! :-)

A holiday ? Yes, we visited Texel, an island in the north of the Netherlands, and though we hadn’t much luck with the weather (could have expected that after the past 2 months :( ), we enjoyed the trip a lot ! Of course, I took a lot of pictures ;-)

About the weather : it was, well, special. At one time, we were inside our little bungalow and on one side it was raining, and the other side is was sunny ! I’m not kidding !

The same thing is going on in this image : at the top you have the stormy clouds, some more normal clouds at the bottom and the sunlight shining on the kite.